Ovibel media joined Urhobo Nation to felicitate this great and hardworking President of Urhobo Youth Association,Prince Pureheart Oghenemaro Kpeji,on his double Awards.

Prince Pureheart Oghenemaro Kpeji was awarded as “Urhobo Youth Ambassador” of the year 2020 in Nigeria, by Urhobo Arts And Cultural Advancement and conferred with Ph.D Honorary degree by Rescue Mission Theological University America,all in Ughelli Delta State.

Urhobo Youth Association as a body,also received the “Best Urhobo Youth/ Social Club for the year 2020.

Sir, working with you in the past one year,has been a worthwhile experience and I am proud of your enormous silent sacrifices,driven genuinely and passionately without seeking media attention.

Time without numbers,you have taken the best of your time in fighting and charting how best unity and sanity can be restored, to redeem the image and worth of every Urhobo sons and daughters all over the world, working with various leaders and stakeholders to achieve the Urhobo Project.

Once again,congratulations sir and to UYA.


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