An Urhobo born best-selling author and a professional basketball player based in the United Kingdom (UK), Mr. Alex Owumi says he loves writing and creating stories from his imagination as an author noting that writing calms him down and it is also therapeutic. 

Owumi in an online interview with newsmen recently, disclosed that he wrote two books before now, entitled :”The Fire Raven and The Man In Forest Hills “, adding that,the fire raven series was very tough to write and he loves how it came out.

He stated :”I would say that the fire raven is my favorite book at the moment. However, the man in forest hills has the most commercial value because I based some of the stories on places in Boston, Massachusetts. The main lesson to be learned in both books is always get up and push forward when you get knocked down “.

“The fire raven series was very tough to write because i never wrote a trilogy before. It is the final chapter of the fire raven that I love most because the character whose name is “Raven “finally comes into her own self “.

Commenting on what he has done to give the necessary patronage and popularity to the books, Owumi pointed out that he did a lot of marketing, adding that most of the books are popular through word of the mouth”.

His words :”The people love the books. They have given me great reviews and the people still support me till this day. I have always wanted to be a writer. I used to read James Bond novels as a kid and I knew that one day I will create my own characters”.Owumi asserted that he just loves to challenge himself to write books, adding that :”I know that when I do something incorrect, it’s easy for me to figure out the right way. My role models are James Patterson and John Grisham. A lot of their books were made into movies and my books will be like their own one day “.

“I cherish being a professional basketball player and an author. I have a lot of my basketball fans who are also my reading fans. The special message to my fans, admirers and friends is do what you love. Don’t let anyone put you in a specific box. Thank you to all my fans and readers because I wouldn’t be able to keep going without you.


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