The assistant coordinator social news of Amori Political Family Media Group,Comr.Stanley Inaya has appreciated High Chief Sen.Ighoyota Amori “Otota” Traditional Prime Minister of Mosogar Kingdom,for his heart of benevolence and munificent style of leadership.

Comr.Inaya in a note of appreciation said Chief Amori has done alot to him, mostly his heart of love towards him today.

Read the full statement;


I want to show my cornucopious appreciation, you showered on me today and your munificent style of leadership, you are very nice in your hebdomadal pantagruelian and a dialectical didactic (pandon my alliteration) column. The cosmic force will bless you for me sir. Am so excited my political thane of cawdor. Oghenebruvwiyo Kor wen..

This panagyrics is coming from a literary avatar and a sui generis lollapalloza(S.O Inaya) I have been admiring Sen. Amori”s inimitable, intrepid and a polyvalent style of leadership for a period of aeon and was an anodyne for me.

I thank you for everything and may your utilitarian pen Neva suffer any hiatus or atrophy.

Thank you my Political thane of cawdor. God bless you sir”

S. O Inaya
Assistant Coordinator Social News Amori Political Family Media Group.


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