By Team Oseni

For many good reasons, the people of Ethiope West are awakened to the consciousness of measuring their fate. The fate of people is mostly encoded in the eventual outcome of the political standings of their representatives. The outcome of their political representation can either afflict them with scarcity or enrich them with surplus.

As a people with a good sense of purpose, the people of Ethiope West have reasonably considered whose path will conveniently lead them to add-on development, that will generate and guarantee goodness every other year.

Sometimes, it is difficult for people to have anyone within their fold, who share their views and connect easily with their aged agitation for progressive representation. But, the people of Ethiope West can count themselves lucky [to a great degree] for owning someone who is both competent and qualified to draw them out of the torment of inadequacies and obscurity.

Though they face challenges of many kinds, the people of Ethiope West now have an unusually once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain pure gladness because of the willingness and enthusiasm of Comr. Festus Oseni to become the Chairman of Ethiope West Local Government Council 2021.

People like Comr. Festus Oseni are not born every day. Neither are they encouraged to show interest in politics and representative government because of the sometimes-extinguishing nature of some morally bad minds in politics. So, when people like him find ways to absorb the intrigues and endears themselves to the people through already-known abilities, they must be taken seriously and put at the top of the scale for the expectations of excellent performance.




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