By Oghenerukevwe Alfred

Urhobo make parable say, Ekpa Nu’ghe kre, meaning na fool dey look something overly long. May we not be Ekpa in Jesus name.

I have observed with keen interest on the political wave in my home town oghareki in the last decade and I’m not quite satisfied at the level we are right now.
Comparing our political height with our sister-community ogharefe is a no go area, so let’s not go there.

Now let’s do small comparison with Mosogar, as it stands now Mosogar is striving farther than Oghareki politically, take it or leave it.

Nobody is perfect but I give senator Ighoyota Amori kudos in this aspect, his political empire today is fast growing and becoming stronger because he is a political sportsman .

Hon Chris Onogba, commissioner of Environment is a product of Amori, John Obukowho Nani being director of finance DESOPADEC can’t deny Amori’s hand on it, these and many more of Mosogar born are enjoying the dividends of politics and our celebrated democracy.

But I wish I can say same for oghareki, I do not know where and how it got wrong, but it shouldn’t continue this way.
I hear some people say that Oghara is the “Mecca” of politics and PDP in Delta state, I’m not disputing that fact, but in the nearest future I’m just wondering the place of oghareki in that “Mecca”,I hope we doesn’t lost it.

Recently we all saw and heard how senator Amori hosted our deputy Senate president Ovie Omo-Agege at his home town Mosogar, this is someone who took the senator seat from him, and is currently in APC , you see how Amori is building his empire?
If it were an oghareki man, I doubt if he will allow him to his house,

I have watched elections closely in Ethiope West and I doubt if there is any community in the local government that has much casualty than oghareki, we carry elections in our head, yet when the dividends come, we are given leftovers.

Its not a blame time, let’s remedy the situation and change the course , its time to put differences aside, for together and united we shall achieve more.
Posterity will not forgive us if we continue this way.
Let posterity judge us for every action we take now.

I beckon on our political leaders and elites in oghareki, it’s time to stop taking sides, in unity we stand, and go back to the drawing board and regain that ” political giant” we were.

Oghareki must move forward.
Who will be our “political Amori” in oghareki?


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