The honourable member Representing Ethiope Federal Constituency in the Green Chamber of the National Assembly,Rt.Hon.Ben Igbakpa had said the Buhari led federal government has taken seventeen different loan facilities from the Republic of China.

Hon.Igbakpa who was a guest on AFrica Independent Television(AIT) today,on “ENGERDERING TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY IN LOCAL CONTENT DEVELOPMENT”said those loans are not taken in interest of the nation, as officials of the Federal Government does so, without really understanding the contents and terms of agreement,which are most likely written in Chinese language.

“To me,China is not just building infrastructures in Nigeria and Africa,but also building their influences to take over critical infrastructures and decolonization of developing Countries.

I questions why the Federal Government will signed loan agreement with China EXIM Bank that was blacklisted by World Bank,due to corruption and neo-colonization objectives,to enslave Africa.

It is time we review the loans,and critically examine the advancement of China in Nigeria.Today,Chinese are now buying lands and registered the lands in their own name.

How will I feel one day,my children will start buying land from Chinese in Oghara my homeland?This is something very serious we all need to look into”Igbakpa said.


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