The Honourable member representing Ethiope Federal Constituency at the national Assembly,Rt.Hon Ben Rollands Igbakpa recounts his manifesto,and real out empowerment and development plans for Ethiopians.

Hon.Igbakpa in a press released,used the medium to informed the good people of his constituency,the journey so far,since inception of his representation.

The statement read;I am Ben Rollands Igbakpa. By the grace of God Almighty and by the mandate of the people of Ethiope West and Ethiope East, I represent Ethiope Federal Constituency in the Federal House of Representative.

I started this journey of representation since 2016 ever since the people calls came to go and represent them in the green chamber. I also once again, thank my people for standing by me before, during and my post election period.

I remembered vividly, the manifesto that I made during my campaign period, hence I started with a thank you visit from 17th of November till 1st of December round all the wards of Ethiope East and Ethiope West that made up the Federal Constituency which I represent in the National Assembly.

For the fact that one cannot be talking about development based on infrastructure only, when humans are not developed, I have set human capital development as my major objective in this four years of service. This is because, I know that human capital development is the bedrock of socio-economic development. Hence, I promised empowerments that will be based on interest and desire of individuals, rather than forcing an empowerment which one cannot be resourceful with on individuals. With that, I have produced and distributed forms called, i-REP forms round all the wards of the Federal Constituency. Five(5) forms for each ward for the twenty two(22) wards of the Federal Constituency, which will make up a minimum of one hundred and ten(110) yearly in the Federal Constituency. The form gives you various options of skills, educational scholarship or any business of choice that you need empowerment to embark on.

I have also asked the twenty two (22) wards in the Federal Constituency to also nominate two(2) persons each for monthly grant, that will take a period of one year. The twenty two wards of the Federal Constituency will bring a total of forty four(44) persons yearly for this grant. I remembered that I assumed office in the month of June, so the grant will start from six(6) months back till June 2020. The sum amount will be a token of one hundred and twenty thousand naira per individual to aid him or her in achieving one thing or the other.

For the fact that infrastructures cannot be done without, I have also informed all the twenty two wards of the Federal Constituency to summit two(2) projects each, which will make a total of forty four (44) projects to be achieved for this four years of service.

In my major objective of human capital development, I will be rotating it yearly. Both the people that will benefit from the i-REP forms and the grants, We are targeting to empower a minimum one hundred and fifty four(154) people yearly. So, the four years of this representation, will make a total minimum of six hundred and sixteen(616) people around the Federal Constituency.

My objectives of empowerment will not make individuals of impressive needs not to access me when they need one assistance or the other. For I am open to all. You voted me, so, I am at your service. You can also communicate to me any idea that I am capable of handling, that will foster development to our constituency. For I am also and always ready to present any motion that will bring relief to our people. We have liaison offices that are opened and will be soon empowered in the two local government of the Federal Constituency.

Once again, I thank you all for making me your representative in the National Assembly.

~Hon. Ben Rollands Igbakpa.


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